Richard Howell Coming Of Age – MANGAKU

Richard Howell

Coming Of Age – MANGAKU

Introducing Elé Salif Howell

w/Special Guest

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

Richard Howell

Coming Of Age – MANGAKU


“I have the deepest respect for his musical abilities. He walks in the same path as the great ones: Joe Henderson, Don Myrick to be mentioned in the same light. I have a great belief in his talents. He will continue to make contributions in the time to come.”

– Maurice White-founder of Earth Wind & Fire.

Coming Of Age – MANGAKU Introducing Elé Salif Howell with special guest Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah featuring: Frederick Harris, Charles McNeal, Ravi Abcarian, Danny Armstrong, and David Frazier.

Tenor saxophonist, award winning composer, and producer Richard Howell is a Bay Area treasure who has come into his own as a bandleader after decades of producing and supporting other artists. San Francisco’s KQED aptly describes Howell as a jazz “Jedi master,” COMING OF AGE – MANGAKU has a strong spiritual component and is an album of honest original Richard Howell compositions. The albums introduces Howell’s youngest son, Elé Salif Howell, a spirited teenaged drummer joined by the virtuosic pianist Frederick Harris, veteran bassist Ravi Abcarian, and scorching alto saxophonist Charles McNeal, with an appearance from “Stretch Music” pioneer trumpeter Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah.

Raised in Los Angeles, Howell made his Bay Area jazz debut in the early 1980s with a triumvirate of legends, joining trumpeter Don Cherry, bassist Charlie Haden, and drummer Billy Higgins at the Great American Music Hall. He spent years touring with R&B greats Etta James, Chaka Khan, and more. The music of Richard Howell reflects “fresh” innovation from all of these experiences.

“The New Voice of Jazz is an Elder!”

“My music celebrates diversity as it bridges, unites, and merges the experience of all listeners. I define it as Bridge Music”.

– Richard Howell



Richard Howell tenor, soprano saxophone,

vocals, percussion, tama drum

Pasha Howell vocals (Bridge Music)

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah trumpet

Charles McNeal alto saxophone

James Garrison tenor saxophone (Coming of Age)

Danny Armstrong trombone

Baron Arnold trombone (Bridge Music)

Art Khu Fender Rhodes

Frederick Harris piano

Ron Belcher bass

Ravi Abcarian double bass

David Frazier percussion , kutiri drums, congas

Elé Salif Howell drums

Darrel Green drums 2 (Coming Of Age)



  1. Love Cycle 7:00
  2. Chef Says -10:00
  3. Messenger 0:31
  4. Bridge Music 5:52
    5. Can I still Play? 0:45
  5. Coming Of Age 11:03
  6. The Catalyst 7:33
  7. Ching 0:30
  8. Mother Earth 6:07
  9. Sticking With Love 8:14
  10. Bodi Ya 0:30
  11. Dr.Bell 7:14
  12. Bridge Music 13:16


Produced by Richard Howell

Release Date: May 15th, 2018


Publicist: Scott Thompson – – (203) 400-1818

Radio Contact: Neal Sapper – – (510) 260-0004

Label Contact: Chris Beaudry – – (347) 916-4845




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