I wanted to let you know about a Los Angeles music documentary called JAZZ NGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY, which will be screening this Saturday evening November 3 at 8PM at the Echo Park Film Center and coming soon via Streaming.
JAZZ NIGHTS chronicles a group of L.A.’s top jazz musicians who, from 2011-2013, congregated in alternating configurations every Sunday night at an illegal, members-only, back-room hash bar hidden in the heart of Hollywood.It’s a revealing film about what it means to be a musical artist, a jazz artist, and to be a Los Angeles artist. The live music captured in JAZZ NIGHTS is emotionally exhilarating, meditative, sensual and hypnotic. Combined with intimate conversations exploring the personal journeys of each individual involved, their fears and desires, their struggles, triumphs and influences, the audience will be taken on a journey of their own, one that begs us to explore this human need to be understood, to voice our feelings, to share our vulnerabilities and strengths through artistic means.
JAZZ NGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY won the Audience Award at the 2017 Copenhagen Jazz Film Festival.
We would love the opportunity to bring more attention to this film, the unbelievably talented and inspirational musicians featured in it, and the long history of jazz music that has been a part of Los Angeles’ underground identity since its inception.
You can read more about JAZZ NIGHTS at our official site: http://jazznightsfilm.com
There you will find tons of information, trailers and reviews.
All my best,
Hal Masonberg


Hal Masonberg
Off Leash Films

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