Live Jazz Streaming at Smoke Jazz Club (New York City)

Beginning Friday, January 1 and Saturday January 2, 2021, I have become an interested fan of Smoke Jazz Club streaming live jazz. They have been doing the streaming for quite sometime already. During the pandemic in U.S.A., Jazz and music, in general, has been cut way down.

Friday, January 1st (New Years Day), Smoke Jazz opened up with a stellar show, the George Cables Trio, George (piano) with Steve Johns (drums) and son, Daryl Johns (bass).
They performed “Farewell Mulgrew,” Happiness,” “Helen’s Song,” and “A Valentine for You,” all Cables compositions. Two standards played among many selections during both days Friday, 1-1-and Sat. 1-2-2021 were “Young at Heart,” and “I’m All Smiles.”
These three terrific musicians played so very well together that they set the musical success bar very high.
Smoke Jazz Club is doing a tremendous service for the music community during down-time because of the pandemic. For their many fans they charge a $10.00 streaming fee plus a $1.00 service fee. These concerts are almost always one hour and 15 to 20 minutes long. Please check out their website: for streaming passes.

I have been visiting most all of these concerts. Here is a list of some of the artists:

Cyrus Chestnut Trio: Cyrus (p) with Peter Washington (b) and Willie Jones III (d)

Orrin Evans Trio: Orrin (p) with Luques Curtis (b) and Anwar Marshall (d)
and Jazzmeia Horn (v)

Joe Farnsworth (d)”Time to Swing” with Kenny Barron (p) and Peter Washington (b).

Wayne Escoffery (t/s) Quartet w/Peter Bernstein (g), Ugonna Okegwo.(b),
and Johnathan Blake (d)

Nicole Glover (t/s) Quartet with George Cables (p), Daniel Duke (b), Nic Cacioppo (d)

Coming soon: Friday/Saturday, March 19 and 20, The George Coleman Quartet, w/Emmet Cohen (p), Peter Washington (b), Joe Farnsworth (d)

These concerts are highly recommended.
Glenn A. Mitchell