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So what’s new for a new year? Not much, it looks like. It seems that we’re going to get more of the same: chaos in the White House. The White House boils over like a pot of soup on the stove.! It leaves a big mess to clean up so maybe it’s just better to throw it all out!

We have a new year ahead and that feels good for a lot of people. A brand new opportunity to start again; to work on personal goals, to clean out the garage or closets and all the other things that didn’t get done in a long time. I recently visited a dear friend I haven’t seen in a long time. She had a medical problem that had to be taken care of and then she decided to leave to an assisted living arrangement. Months went by and we only spoke on the phone. When I finally arrived at her new permanent home I was so happy to see her. She showed me around her new home and it was very impressive. She would have all her needs taken care of in a warm, friendly environment. We had a nice lunch in the dining room, followed by a holiday sing-along gathering for the whole residence. By the time I left I was so happy for my friend. She found a wonderful new home.

All of us have “must do” items on our lists. If we’re diligent and lucky we get a lot done. We think, “I’ll get the rest done later.” The “later” gets later and later. Some chores get started but never completely accomplished. Some get dismissed as not “important right now.” My excuse is “I aim for perfection, but I’ll settle for less.”

We have installed a new governor in California, Gavin Newsome. He faces a lot of problems immediately. The devastating fires we experienced recently is simply astounding. The cleanup needed is enormous. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed, besides thousands of acres of trees. All of this “garbage” has to be cleaned up and put somewhere. Power lines have to be replaced, perhaps underground? Every single public building has to be rebuilt for future safety. New and different materials will have to be used for just about everything. Better emergency alerts will need to added to new routines. Evacuations will have to be better organized and planned for. It’s a lot to think about but strong leadership, better planning will educate all of us who live in the mountains and hillside areas.

I also read in the newspaper that Governor Newsome has named preschool education as one of his priorities. I’m a former preschool teacher so I agree that it’s important to get children into that setting so they can learn new skills before they move into kindergarten. Preschools s aren’t “babysitting.” Children learn to listen, follow directions, get along with others, sharing, solving problems, making friends, discovering books, art, music, dancing, trying new foods, science and much more. Preschools open up new worlds for children and makes their entry into kindergartens much easier.

I am more concerned with so many kids not graduating from high school. That’s a bigger problem for all of us who pay lots of taxes to educate everyone from preschoolers to college graduates. Some parents don’t know how many days of school their kids have missed. Kids who are missing from schools are more likely to fail their classes. Some parents are not keeping up with their kids. Parents may be working or taking care of younger children. A new system will be used so that parents are notified how many days their child has been absent from school. They will be notified five times per semester. Well, it’s a start. Busy parents have to take the lead to make sure that their student gets to school and stays there for the entire day. There are lots of good paying jobs for all kinds of work, but skills have to be learned for the long term. Good luck parents!

I’ve accepted that our president will continue to think he is the master of everything for as long as he’s in the White House. We’ll just get more lying, more outrageous statements, rotten behavior to anyone who tries to do their job to rein him in, so it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Our president Trump is already pretty predictable in his behavior. I don’t think I would be surprised by anything he says or does. It’s all sounding too familiar after two, slogging years. I’m waiting for something better.

Hang in there.





December 2018

This has been quite a year for all of us, across the entire U.S.A. We had weather related disasters that were simply horrific. Back East a major hurricane brought disaster and ruin to huge swaths of the Carolinas. Rivers overflowed, wiping out homes, businesses, beaches, rivers, acreage, trees, vehicles and more. The upper East coast had unusually cold fronts. I’m also still remembering the storms that hit Puerto Rico and that they are still not getting things cleaned up and repaired. They still need more support, more help.

In California we had fires in different parts of the state. Huge, unrelenting wild fires that burned everything in their paths, destroying forests, homes, buildings, vehicles. Monumental efforts by fire fighters and everyone who could help, police, sheriffs and pilots dropping water from planes dangerously close to the flames. It’s exactly what we imagine hell is. It went on day after day, night and day. Despite the terror it caused there were heroes, men and women who did everything they could to save people. There was the school bus driver who got kids out safely despite rushing through flames on the road. At a hospital the staff members were able to get patients out of the building in wheel chairs and gurneys, into vehicles and then drive them to safety. Talk about heroes and heroines! When some can’t, others will.

Is California doomed? I don’t think so. We are a very rich state: the fifth richest economy in the world, so I’ve heard. We are a hard working group of citizens, innovative, dreamers of the future, energetic. Imagine what we could achieve if we had better elected “leaders!” Good politicians are hard to come by. Voters have settled for people who are ambitious and greedy. Sooner or later they, the elected people, find out how easy it is the cheat here and there. They can hire relatives to fill positions. They have budgets, money to spend for everything under the sun. They can travel almost anywhere they want on the taxpayers dime, to “investigate, or study” something or other as cover for a free vacation.

Our president currently spends a lot of time in Florida, visiting his own luxury resort there. He’s accompanied by plenty of helpers, as he gets there on the presidential plane. It’s just another perk for him. He has been all over the country to work up his own party crowds. He insults anyone he wants to excoriate, such as “Crooked Hillary.” He is campaigning for the local candidate at tax payers expense. He’s been extremely busy during this last election cycle. The crowds love him and shout back, “Crooked Hillary!” The president has never had it so good. Former president Obama was also out and about at rallies for the Democrats. I don’t know if he gets no-cost planes to use, so if anyone has that info, give me a call.

What a contrast to the recent passing of former president George Herbert Walker Bush. I watched most of the coverage from his long journey from Washington to his final resting place in Texas, at his Presidential Library. I was moved by the quiet dignity of all the participants. He earned this respect from all Americans for his long service to the ideals of our country, from his military service to his service at the CIA, and the White House.

What we, as citizens need, is honest leadership from those we elect. Those who do a good job we will stand behind. Those we can trust will get our support. We will be productive, hard working and we will support good ideas. We will be generous to those who are in need, in times of crisis. I live a better life because I know if I call the police or need a fire engine they will be there for me. I can get to a hospital if I need to go. I will be treated fairly if I pay what I owe. I vote every time because I still have faith in that activity. I believe that good relationships come with honesty and cooperation. I don’t think it’s hard to be a good citizen. It’s easy when I do my part.

I’m not a young person anymore but I find that I still have ideas, things I want to accomplish. Some of it is easy, clean up my own messes! Get my own house in order! Participate as much as I can in community events. I love what I’m doing right now, with this website. I think it’s beautiful and I give that credit to the webmaster who makes it possible, Preston Duncan. He is using everything he learned at work, at the classes he took to learn more. He has created something that gives me a real sense of pride. I have been tremendously lucky!

Hang in there.




November 2018

Life is nothing if not relentless. As some say, “stuff happens.” I was watching TV recently and feeling sleepy. Enough, I thought, enough TV, I’m going to go to bed now. There was an interruption of the late show I was watching. The TV showed something happening, some police cars arriving somewhere. Officers were seen going into a building and others were shown going around to the back of the building.

I wound up staying awake until 4 o‘clock in the morning watching the most horrible event taking place. A barrage of gunshots could be heard, coming inside a local country music restaurant/bar. More police vehicles arrived. Then TV networks and other reporters arrived in a blur of activity until the TV screen was filed with rotating lights on vehicles, people running away from the building, escorted by armed police and sheriff deputies.

I must say that TV reporter Robert Kovasek from NBC was one of the first on the scene and he handled his duties with so much compassion for those totally frightened people he talked to. Everyone was trying to understand what was happening and why. Soon, parents showed up, looking for their children. The club was a very popular place for young people to come out and listen to country western bands, in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, where they learned to line dance and square dance. Young people having fun in a safe, community club accessible to the colleges in the surrounding areas. It took minutes to destroy everything.

The screen showed a small team of deputies entering the front door to the building then a barrage of gun shots. Sgt. Ron Helus entered and was killed. He was a 29-year member of the Sheriff’s department and was looking forward to retiring soon. He loved going trout fishing in the mountains with his son.

The terror that the people felt was so stark, as they recounted how it all started, how many managed to get out of the building. Some picked up bar stools to break windows, some found an exit through the kitchen. The gunman killed 12 people before he killed himself. Parents were interviewed as they came to the scene to find their children. Others, who escaped from the club, were at nearby hospitals looking for their friends.

We add Thousand Oaks to the list of horrific locations where Americans routinely kill other Americans. The crazy man who went into a synagogue and killed people in there is so distressing to even think about. It’s just tragic that we have s many killers like that, who can buy all the guns and ammunition they want. More disturbing is that our president is so quick to judge, excoriate anyone and anything that angers him. His list of people he hates grows by the day. He lies all the time and never looks back. It’s astounding that he’s supposed to represent us as the leader of what truly is a great country. His constant anger is truly ugly.

The gun lobby is powerful in this country and can’t be persuaded to do anything about the insane amount of killings of Americans here. It makes America stand apart from countries like Japan, the Netherlands, England and many other countries who don’t have this particular, deadly problem we have.

We, as Americans take a lot for granted. If something goes wrong in our neighborhoods we can call the police. Or the fire department. Or the Sheriff’s station, depending on where we live. We have instant help when we need it. We also have the Auto Club, which can come to help us if we have a flat tire in a dark, isolated area, when we’re on our way home. All of these entities give us a sense of confidence. We pay for insurance for our cars, houses, possessions and even our health because we value them. They allow us to go on our way, to take care of our jobs, and our families. Despite the detours most Americans can look forward to a well-earned retirement.

Lots of people find a sense of peace when they retire from a long-held job. They have a sense of completion. A job well done! Now it’s time to relax, enjoy life, get back to the hobbies, the birthday get- togethers, the much anticipated vacation, the time to enjoy easier pursuits. It all sounds so good, to look forward to these pleasant activities. But as I stated, life is relentless. Things don’t always go as we’d like. Some people have to keep working, longer than they expected. Family members get sick and need care, kids are kids and they need attention, they need help. Didn’t Forrest Gump famously say, “When you get a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.“ There is a simple and delicious solution: Go to a See’s Candy shop and pick your own box of chocolates!

Hang in there.



October 2018

Sometimes I feel as though I’m living in a parallel universe. There are so many contradictions in life. We see it all the time. Innocent people go to jail, bad people do not. We elect people to act in our behalf but they often do not. They place an office full of assistants in charge, who will listen to us and then report something else to the boss. The helpers decide if we are worth talking to.

We elect people to important offices and assume (or hope) that they will do a good job. The sad thing is that so many citizens don’t vote at all, so that makes it better for those seeking offices. It costs a lot of money to run for office. That money has to be raised, which takes a lot of time and energy. TV ads make us crazy, because there are so many during election times. Those TV radio/print/mail ads cost a lot of money, so it feels like a crazy merry-go-round. Everyone has to believe that they will win.

Some “winners” turn out to be real stinkers who feel like they’ve won the lottery or something. They have all the “helpers” to do the grunt work. That frees the Winners to make speeches, travel to conferences and to other countries to check out their systems for whatever. They find many reasons to travel to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, anywhere they want to go. Our own California officials travel widely. They’ll even go to conferences in Hawaii, which is not so far away and after all, it’s just another state.

Some think that it does no good to vote anyway, but that’s pure pessimism. I’m not there yet. I always hope that good people will take care of government issues, whether local or national. It would feel “weird” to me to not vote.

However, I’m watching our President Trump on TV, whipping a crowd up as he speaks at a rally in the South. He’s viciously tearing apart the woman who went to Washington to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of bad behavior when they were both young adults. Trump is very theatrical as he loudly proclaims that she is wrong to accuse the Judge of bad, threatening behavior many years ago. The FBI is investigating the issue as he speaks. The FBI is gathering information to present to the Senate and to conclude the investigation.

The crowd that President Trump whipped up are enjoying his mocking of the woman who came to Washington to tell her truth. He truly is a showman, an actor, as he mimics her testimony. It’s easy to see why he goes to these events so often. The roar of the crowd energizes him as he blasts away at a person he considers an enemy. If anything drives him it’s these crowds, cheering and clapping his every utterance. He acts out his rage against anyone who opposes him. He says things like “We fell in love,” when talking about North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung Un. Trump praised him even though as far as we know, the dictator still has nuclear weapons. The dictator can get thousands of his people out to elaborate parades to show off their many weapons and soldiers high-stepping in exact formation. President Trump and Kim Jung Un have a lot of the same instincts. They love the pageant of leadership. They love being worshipped by their audiences.

President Trump enjoys traveling to different rallies around the country to meet his followers. These are “his people” who encourage his mocking style, where he points out his enemies and blasts them with scorn. It’s quite a show and he never seems to grow tired of it. The New York Times has been working on a major story about Trump’s career as a business man, his family and how his father helped to get him started. His father was already quite wealthy and was able to give his son a lot of money to buy properties, then sell them at a profit. Apparently Father Trump plowed millions of dollars into his son’s purchase of properties. The amount is about $416 million dollars! That’s a lot of money to give to a budding mogul. It’s most likely why Trump has never shown anyone his tax returns, while other candidates have done so.

The FBI has been tasked with investigating Judge Kavanaugh’s youthful history and they have a week to do it. The Republicans are in a hurry to get this done. How can the FBI do a good, complete job with such a tight schedule. They were given a short list of people to interview. It all sounds so rushed, so incomplete. Republican Mitch Mc Connell has stated that there will be a vote by the end of the week. The FBI’s job did not even last through one week. I’m hearing all this on the TV as I type. What’s the hurry? This is such a rushed investigation, I can’t believe anyone would think it would work well for anyone. What a shame!

I also imagine that some of our great artists such as Concertmaster Dudamel, Placido Domingo, Michael Tilson Thomas, or many other artists could come up with a fascinating grand opera using President Trump and his family as inspiration. The mysteries, the intrigue, the jealousies, the battles they fight! Lots of people would pay to see/hear that grand extravaganza!

I’ve been very distracted by certain family issues lately so I’ m kind of house-bound. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy some entertainment. I’ve been to Viva Cantina in Burbank several times and enjoy the big band and singers I’ve heard. It’s a relaxed kind of place with a variety of entertainment during any month. A full bar and varied menu make it easy to enjoy the music.

A friend invited me to go the Ahmanson Theatre downtown to see “Ain’t Too Proud,” The Life and Times of The Temptations. It was such a wonderful experience I would have gladly gone again but I caught the show when it was about to end its run.

The “actors” on stage were terrific as they sang, danced, emoted through a lifetime of success and heartache. The staging was so good, so efficient for moving the action along. A circular stage that moved was a good place for the group of singers to dance and sing. Along the front of the stage another “sidewalk” moved as the actors sang and pranced about. It all worked so smoothly as the singers moved quickly on stage. The singers, Derrick Baskin as Otis Williams, James Harkness as Paul Williams, Jawan M. Jackson as Elvin Franklin Jeremy Pope as Eddie Kendricks, Ephraim Sykes as David Ruffin, Jaevis B. Manning Jr. as Al Bryant were quite spectacular playing one of the most popular groups in U.S. history. They sounded so perfect together, danced around, were on and off the stage all evening with perfect, smooth moves. There were more cast members, 15 more talented performers, playing the people that The Temptations came to know and sometimes worked with.

I especially liked the clever staging that kept the cast members moving constantly, with so much enthusiasm, so much energy. Other important contributors: Book by Dominique Morisseu, Choreographed by Sergio Trujillo, Directed by Des McAnuff. Had I seen this production earlier in the month I certainly would have seen it again. It’s on it’s way to Broadway so many more people will see and enjoy this spectacular evening of s hugely popular group The Temptations and The Legendary Motown Catalog.

The musicians were so fine, so with every move the actors made on stage: Music Director/keyboard-Kenny Seymour, Associate Conductor/keyboard 2: Sean Kana, Reed, Sal Lozano, Trumpet/flugelhorn : Dan Fornero, Trombone/contractor: Robert Payne, Guitar: Keith Robinson, Bass: George Farmer, Drums: L. Clayton Craddock, Violins: Mark Cargill, Lesa Terry, Percussion: Lance Lee, Joey De Leon.

I know that this terrific show will be back in L.A. someday and I’ll be there.

Hang in there.



September 2018

It’s Saturday, September 5, 2018 and I’m minding my own business, which means I’m sitting at my desk, writing my Letter from the Editor. The TV is on and the breaking news is that an anonymous White House official wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times assailing President Trumps behavior in the White House. The writer revealed that the White House, with President Trump, was a chaotic mess, with staff kept in the dark about what Trump wanted. He would make decisions quickly, with no input from his associates, as positions would be filled, then the president would fire department heads. . There has been a lot of turnover in positions.

Is it a crisis or not? We’ll soon find out the answer, because we’ll be swamped with news and opinions on both sides of the issue. An anonymous message from an official stated: “Americans should know that there are adults in the room.” Or is this just another day in the WH life of President Trump?

In the meantime 565 children are still in the custody of immigration officials at the U.S. border (and other places) without their parents. Some parents may be back in their home countries, unable to come back and take their children home, if they can prove they are the parents. This is a man-made disaster which drags on with no end in sight. Those youngsters cannot speak for themselves. All they can do is cry, until they can’t cry anymore.

Many years ago I was a pre-school teacher in the Head Start government program for four year old kids. Some came into the classroom easily, eager to see what was around them, the toys, wagons and such. Other children had a hard time leaving their parents. They didn’t know these strange people, the teachers. And who were all these other children? Some cried for their moms, sobbing for a good while. Other kids were fascinated with all the toys, books, musical instruments, pictures on the walls and settled right in. Of course, we were patient with the children who had a hard time leaving their parents. I vividly remember a little boy who kicked me on my leg, after his mother left. I knelt down on my good leg, and looked at him and said, “We don’t hurt people here. We don’t kick people. That hurts.” He never did it again and in no time he was eager to go to school. He was a very smart four-year old and he loved his school time. Yes, he became one of my favorites. I knew he was going to do well in kindergarten..

Soon enough all the children enjoyed the new experience of going to a “school” and made new friends. After a few months we would hear from the moms that their kids also wanted to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. They missed us!

I don’t understand what prompted our president to order these parents and children at the border to be separated. That some children were taken to other states is shocking because that seemed so deliberate. It was a way to punish the parents for coming to the border, expecting to be let in easily. After all these months there are still children waiting for their parents to come for them. Maybe they don’t cry as much, but they have already been spent, exhausted from crying for their parents. Our president “owns” this decision, among many other bad decisions he’s made.

The first lady, Melania did show up two times at the border to talk with officials. On TV she was shown sitting around a large table with these people who were in charge of these babies and toddlers and older children. We heard almost nothing of their talks. We did not see a picture of Melania with any of the children. We did see, as she entered her plane, that she was wearing a ugly jacket which stated on the back, “I really don’t care. Do you?” What was she trying to convey with that weird message?

We’re witnessing a different kind of president, a different kind of White House. Since he arrived, there’s been a revolving door of people hired and fired. Some barely get their desk in order before they’re gone. At this time nothing would surprise me as people come and go. What the president decides does affect our lives. He decides how government money is spent. His decisions affect many different businesses. He seems to always be angry at someone and he’s not shy about criticizing anyone he deems is not totally in step with everything he says and does. Yet he is always the first to tout how great, how smart he is. He’s always looking for constant praise and compliments. Being a president is a hard job but he worked hard to get the job.

We’ve had a series of fires in California that have been devastating in so many areas of the state. They’ve been so horrendous that some fire fighters lost their lives, along with some people who couldn’t escape to safety. Deadly fires are becoming something we accept. They are also a warning about climate change that has been building for decades. Extreme weather here in California, or in Canada, Mexico or Hawaii and all across the globe is something we have to accept and then determine what we can do about it, for the future. Brilliant people all around the world can work on these issues and share what they learn. We need to have hope that we can solve some of these pressing problems.

We have a serious problem with so many homeless people lining up on streets and underpasses to sleep, camp out until a better choice emerges. Money had been gathered to take care of the problem, yet it never gets done. Why are our leaders here in California so slow to act? We pay huge taxes here to pay for everything under the sun yet the homeless problem seems to be getting worse. The churches can’t do it all, social services can’t find housing for everyone who needs it. Do the politicians just like to gather money, then take their time to actually do anything with it? Taxpayers are paying a lot for services and we’re not seeing much about actually housing the homeless.

How does the average person deal with so many problems in the world, neighborhood or just at home? You have to hang around with upbeat people. Hang around with people who are pretty okay with their lives, who enjoy various activities, who like their jobs and put in a good day’s work. Some people lie easily about all kinds of things. Telling the truth doesn’t occur to them, when it’s so easy to lie. Children and young kids need to be taught how destructive lying is in a family, at school and work.

One way to “perk up” amid so much bad news these days is to do something you need to do. Go to a comedy club and just listen to comedians, men and women, talking about everyday topics. Go see a movie that isn’t all about killing, death, monsters around us. Go to a concert or play that you know will uplift your mood. Eat something delicious that someone else cooked. Go to a swap meet or a farmer’s market where people are working hard to sell all kinds of useful stuff. Go hear live music outdoors or inside a venue. Invite a friend to lunch. So you can have an un-interrupted time out. Go to a museum to see the past and the future in tangible items. Buy something you been waiting to buy, new shoes, a dress, a delicious pie. Take a walk in a nice park or like Descanso Gardens. Visit a zoo. If you’re lucky you might get to see some animal babies. Be selfish, even for a little while. Go hear live jazz someplace, indoors or out.

Hang in there.


Letter from the editor August 2018

The details of life are taking a big toll right now. There are the usual things that have to be done, like paying bills, going to the grocery store with a list of what I need. Going to Kaiser medical group whenever they tell me I need a shot that I must have, or an ex-ray or for refills of prescriptions.

I have to go outside and water the plants in pots, rake leaves, put things away. The truck needs an oil change, and the car needs a bath. I call the Auto Club because I locked my keys in the truck, again, and /or many other “must do’s.” Life can be relentless, stressful just doing everyday things around your work/home life. If you have kids at home, whatever their age, that can add a lot of stress sooner or later. Am I saying life is hell? It sure is, many times for many reasons: work, health issues, money, personal and family problems

I’m complaining about the everyday stuff, the “must do” things that we all experience. Tensions take over when the list of things that have to be taken care gets bigger and more complex no matter what I do. I write lists and determine which items are the most important, what I have t do FIRST, no matter what else is happening.

At the end of the day I like to watch TV and read the newspapers that pile up during the week. What I see is mind boggling, truly startling sometimes. At the California/Mexico border children were separated from their parents, kept in buildings, where the children are kept behind chain link fencing, crying and obviously needing to see their parents, the ones who brought them to the USA/Mexico border. People are rushing around doing their jobs, waiting for “what’s next? These children were suffering and totally frightened. They are lost and will remain that way until they see their parents. These children, from toddlers to young children are now housed in different parts of the country. Who thought that was a good idea? Whoever came up with these plans ought to be fired, for incompetence. If they were trying to deliberately punish parents, that certainly happened.

Taking children away from their parents and sending them as far away as New York is nuts! THE “AUTHORITIES” COULDN’T FIND PLACES IN NEARBY STATES TO HOUSE THE CHILDREN? Apparently not! This whole scheme was a total disaster, founded in a plan to punish parents through their children. It’s totally disgusting, a failure of so-called “adults” to make a plan that will not traumatize helpless kids who need to be with their parents. It seems that too many plans are leading to chaos in this new administration.

If our government was trying to “teach” parents not to come here, not to bring their kids with them, then they have succeeded mightily. The lesson has been brutally executed. Shame on all of them! There are supposedly 700 children who still have not been reunited with their parents. I’ll bet no one loses a job because of this fiasco!

This plan or project totally belongs to President Trump. He could do something about this calamity if he wanted to but apparently he thinks this is the way to treat people, mostly women and children trying to escape the chaos of their countries, specifically Honduras, and Guatemala. They traveled through Mexico with few problems. They certainly had their sights on the U.S.

They simply showed up at the border and pleaded to get in and some were admitted, to fill out documents. It was very chaotic for everyone as they were met with news camera and reporters. No one could even guess at what would happen. Soon enough it became clear that some of the children were taken from the parents and whisked away. By the time the news reporters were able to get to their cameras many children were taken to organizations all around the U.S. How could all this be happening?

Would our president turn away refugees from Canada or even England? Our President seems to have little regard for everyone south of the USA border. He is so dishonest that he ‘s now trying to blame the Democrats for the mess he made. How devious can he be? He’s dividing the two parties in such ugly ways which just makes unity a far off dream. Washington has become one giant battle field. So we all lose.

There is no way the children can be comforted and I think the whole system is broken. It got worse when our government “leaders or planners” decided to move groups of children to other parts of the country. Who came up with that terrible idea? Was that to punish the parents, to convince them that this is what will happen if they keep trying to come to the border asking for sanctuary. The system, this enactment of “Border Security” was a total failure, for all the world to see.

I believe that we cannot take in all the people who want to be here. Selecting the people who will be allowed to emigrate is a huge undertaking that needs more oversight, better plans, more trained personnel to make the decisions that affect so many people. Some Americans are okay with more refugees, others say no, we have enough problems to solve here. Impulsive, immediate decisions made in a rush are often not the best decisions. They create chaos, divisions, anger and ultimately create more problems. Trump tweeted recently: “Democrats can fix the forced family breakout at the border by working with Republicans on new legislation, for a change!” Rep. Ben Ray Lujan D-N.M. said “Trump could pick up the phone and stop it today.” (Los Angeles Daily News)

This current disaster didn’t need to happen. These children, taken from their parents, needed to be reunited with their parents immediately. Then decisions for all of them can be made. Apparently there were no plans for their unification. In fact, recently the Republicans held another hearing about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails! Then they all left for vacation time, or maybe to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with their constituents. It feels like our government is so divided, so uncooperative with each other, it’s a wonder anything gets done.

It doesn’t help to have a nasty name calling, impulsive President who makes decisions that divide everyone into stubborn factions. The president also seems to be super-hyperactive, going from one place to another. He goes to events in different locations to hear the cheers and applause of his true fans. They listen to him as he basically tells them how well he’s doing, how smart he is, how bad the Democrats are. He savages his enemies, with brutal language for those who disagree with him. He can’t seem to cooperate with some leaders of other countries. Recently, he left the G-8 meeting in Canada in a huff, insulting Prime Minister Trudeau and other members of the G-8 group. There is now a trade war going on between Canada and the U.S. President Trump went to London for a meeting with leaders there. Thousands marched against his policies. Our president’s boorish behavior didn’t sit well with the people there. He seems to have no sense at all when meeting with foreign leaders. He is so ungracious on so many occasions. The people came out to mock our President, who is only interested in himself. He’s a runaway bulldozer coming to lecture everyone about how wonderful, smart, and powerful he is. He is demanding attention and obedience from the whole world.

And yet, he acted so meek and mild when he met with the Russian President Putin.

That is weird on so many levels. What’s going on there? It has been determined that the Russians did interfere with our presidential election. Are they just going to get away with that? Why no unified anger from the entire Washington leaders?

There is some good news: Our state will have a $8.8 billion dollar windfall. That’s very good news from our Governor Jerry Brown, who is completing his last term this year as a twice elected governor. Housing prices are going up all over California, however too many citizens can’t afford to buy anything in California. There are jobs here but I hear a lot of complaints about the cost of living here. We spend a lot on gasoline!

Unfortunately the fires have started again, in the northern areas and southern areas of the state. Despite the tremendous efforts by the fire crews, it takes no time at all for the trees to light up, sparks fly, houses and other buildings go up in flames. Nothing could be worse than more fires after all that has already burned in the not so distant past. We know that some of these fires are started by deranged people who get to feel powerful when the mountains are in flames. One man has been arrested as a suspect.

California is truly a great state, for many reasons. We have enough “good” weather so we can continue with building projects all over the state. We’re in pretty good shape financially. The unemployment rate now is low. There are enough jobs, in many fields. Housing prices are up, yet people still keep buying houses, condos and land. What’s the bad part? Parking anywhere is always a big hassle! We’re definitely a plus/minus kind of state.

Get a good grip and Hang in there.

Myrna Daniels 

“One is happy as a result of one’s own efforts once one knows the necessary ingredients of happiness–simple tastes, a certain degree of courage, self denial to a point, love of work, and above all, a clear conscience.” (from a 1866 letter)

George Sand, French novelist and memoirist –July 1, 1804-June 8, 1876



Sometimes it feels like the world is going nuts! What is going on around us? Why is the news so bad, so negative all the time? Here in California we’re getting ready to elect a new governor and other offices so the commercials are non-stop. Fewer citizens are voting these days, so a lot of money is spent to get them out to vote. I like going to my local polling place. It’s just a part of my routine so I don’t mind. I could vote by mail but prefer going to the local school where the voting takes place. They give me a sticker that proves I’ve voted!

Watching the news on TV is mind boggling sometimes. We have a very unique president in office. The news shows him getting on and off his plane. He’s always busy going to different states to rally the troops to vote for Republicans. I’m sure he gets energized by the crowds who come out to hear him speak. Despite his assistance, some Republicans running for office don’t win. That’s the way things go. It’s politics and these days there are no sure bets.

Right now President Trump is aiming his venom at Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is head of the investigations about issues tied to Trumps’ behavior and some of his associations. The latest scandal, is the news that Trump had a fling with porn star, Stormy Daniels and was going to pay her $130,000. Trump’s associate, Michael Cohen, was acting as the “middle man” who would deliver the money to Daniels. It’s all played out on TV, radio, talk shows etc. She hired a very sharp attorney, who is often seen on TV with his updates. What a crazy world!

There were many details that are surprising. Michael Cohen is currently being investigated for his dealings, his soliciting money from many different corporations in return for meetings with the President. Cohen has amassed millions of dollars from well-known companies for what, favors? Enhanced protections for these money-making entities? Did the President know how much Cohen was accumulating? Did he give him the go-ahead to solicit millions from well known companies? For what purpose? We have nothing but questions right now.

President Trump has so many ways to reach his base of supporters. He goes to rallies to promote Republican candidates, Republican ideals. Is he actually keeping that base close, so when he runs again for his next term he’ll have a real head start? He gets to brag about his successes, his plans without ever accepting any blame for anything. He has a “scorched earth” policy when it comes to Democrats.

The White House itself has been a revolving door of people hired, and fired for different offices. There are actual scandals with some of his appointees. For example, his cabinet includes some real characters who seem to be in it for the money, the perks they can acquire. The man who runs the Environmental Protection Agency has been giving himself enormous perks, such as his own “private phone system,” a regiment of body guards who travel with him, complete with a siren, in order to get around Washington easier. He needs a clear passage when he’s ready to eat at swanky restaurants.

Some of the se appointments that President Trump made are downright laughable. They are people who see themselves as “special,” needing private planes, first class hotels, special items for their offices like $35,000 dining room tables and much more. They are giving themselves many perks and privileges unheard of in many government offices. It all comes out, little by little over time and it truly is disgusting and disheartening.

President Trump has been after Robert Mueller, who is investigating “bad behavior” by many of Trump’s associations, the people who have been in the White House, who have done special favors, special services in the name of the American public. He is looking for a connection to Russia’s collusion in the election that put Trump into office. Some White House hires shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. Like who? Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted 11 days. There was also the man who battered his wife. There have been a number of people fired and people quitting their jobs. The White House, in many ways, is a “toxic” work site.

We, as taxpayers are supporting all this nonsense with our hard-earned taxes. We offer everything to a new President. An office like no other. He has his every wish granted. Every bad idea is given a serious okay. He wanted to meet with the ruler of North Korea and a date was set. Then President Trump pulled out, saying he wasn’t going to meet with the leader. He sent a letter but, wait, it might still happen! As the President is fond of saying “We’ll see. We’ll see what happens.”

We’ve never had a president so self-absorbed into his own thinking, his own ideas and opinions. When he was planning to meet with the leader of North Korea, he stated during a speech that he might win the Nobel Price. “I didn’t say that, other people said it,” was his statement. Oh sure, other people quickly said he should win the Nobel award. Such an idea would never pop in his head, right? Our president is nothing if not alert to any possibilities for praise. If nobody steps up, he’s ready to praise himself, but he’s surrounded by lots of people who know that his outsize ego must be stroked all the time. What a shame that we can’t expect more from the leader of our country.

All we, as citizens, can every do is take care of our own households, our own communities and continue to believe that no matter what happens, our country, our way of life, will persist.

Hang in there.




The world has become a very chaotic, even bizarre place in the past few months. Nothing is surprising to me anymore. The news was about a woman named Stormy Daniels who has been all over the TV landscape because she supposedly had an affair with President Donald Trump. She was offered $130,000 to basically go away. She is a porn star and was all over the news, with her attorney, stating that she was being forced to an agreement for her silence. The president’s attorney claimed that he took out an equity loan against his house in order to pay the money. The lawyer is very loyal to President Trump, but the porn star claims she was harassed by a thug one time in a parking lot. With her baby in the car. She claimed to feel very threatened by the encounter. There s a conflict about the original agreement, because President Trump never actually signed the document(s). Now the president’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is under a lot of pressure by the feds. Will he remain loyal or will he flip on the president?

It parallels events here in California, where some elected legislators have lost their jobs for inappropriate behavior with their staffers. Harassing women seems to be the biggest danger these days on the political scene. But here in California, we’re always trend setters, so we have a female politician who is being charged with inappropriate behavior with male staffers. It boggles the mind!

Sadly, Bill Cosby has just been found guilty of sexual harassment of a woman acquaintance. He has battled accusations from several women who claimed that he drugged them, then took advantage of them sexually. Cosby starred in his own TV show for years that was hugely popular. I enjoyed that TV show myself. It was funny, fresh and presented a typical family getting through everyday problems.

For Bill Cosby to come to such an end is bizarre, to say the least. It reminds me that we, as citizens of the most powerful country in the world, can always be stunned by the behavior of some people here. I am amazed at some of our president’s ideas, his utterances, his unbridled anger, hatred of others. His name calling is ugly and persistent. He goes to rallies and spouts off to applause and cheers. He is incapable of ever saying he might be wrong, about anything. He’s become a president who must be tolerated.

Trump’s world, in the White House must feel like a three-ring circus with people being hired, fired, dismissed, ignored, vilified. Is he admitting only incompetent people as his “helpers’’? The discord and anger among the staff must be paralyzing. How do they get anything “reasonable” done? That’s what I am wondering myself. How can anything good be accomplished in such chaos? President Trump is damaging the reputation, leadership and future of our country with his anger, name calling, bullish behavior and nasty rhetoric. Why is he so protective of Russia and its leader, Putin?

We have policies and structure in place to investigate our concerns about the behavior of leaders. Presidents have had to justify or explain their behavior. It takes a lot of effort and time but the truth comes out. Bad behavior does get examined. Former President Nixon was forced out and former President Clinton was investigated and humiliated on TV for the whole world see and hear. American leaders can be chastised and booted out for bad behavior. Our current president is certainly on the brink of disaster all the time. His arrogance will eventually be his downfall. When it happens we’ll get through it. We may be a little battered but we will prevail.

Is there anything good going on? Yes, there are good things to enjoy, to make up for chaos in high places. We’re coming to the summer season, where events are plentiful. The Playboy Jazz Festival will be coming up in June at the Hollywood Bowl. For jazz fans, it’s essential. It becomes THE event of the year, where top talent is headlined over a two-day weekend. The founder of the festival and founder of Playboy magazine has passed away. He lived a long and interesting life and did a lot to promote jazz.

Sadly, we don’t have as many jazz clubs as we used to have in L.A. Running music venues is a lot of work, so many just couldn’t manage to hang on. Restaurants are the place where jazz is being featured now. We still have a few main spots, such as Catalina’s Vitello’s, Bar Fedora, Vibrato, Viva Cantina and a few others are still very active. There is so much competition now, in the L.A. area, with so many restaurants that many simply can’t afford to hire musicians.

This summer we can find all kinds of music in parks and at some beach locations. Grand Park, downtown, will have big events which often feature music. The L.A. County Museum on Wilshire Blvd. has had a long-running jazz series outdoors. The Autry Museum in Griffith Park has a Latin jazz & salsa program that caters to dancers. It’s a perfect location, with plenty of free parking. Pop music groups can be found all over our area so check with local newspapers for events. Many of these events are free.

The Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival takes place on May 26 & 27 at Rancho Santa Susana Community Park. The lineup includes Eddie Money, Dave Mason, Devon All,am Project with Duane Betts, The Chambers Brothers, Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band plus many more. For more info see www.simicajun.org and/or www.cajunbluesblog.com

There is an alternative to worry and strife…it’s called music!

Hang in there.