The L.A. Jazz Scene Newspaper was started in 1987

It was an idea, to bring information about the jazz scene to the jazz community, those who wanted to know where they could hear live jazz. The idea grew quickly, as our newspapers were distributed all around the Los Angeles area, into Orange County, up to Santa Barbara.

There were a lot of jazz clubs, jazz non-profit organizations and of course large theaters and other venues that featured jazz performers. Over the years the jazz scene expanded, contracted, expanded again and so on.

Today, it’s a niche community, where large scale events like The Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bow attracts 16,000 fans, over a weak. There are many venues that present jazz, over a large geographic area.

Free concerts are available all summer long around the southland. These events attract huge audiences, of all ages.

Our aim is to present jazz events, profiles, CD reviews, club & concert reviews and an interesting cover subject every month. Our writers put a lot of passion into their work, which makes for a fine array of opinions and insights whether they are writing CD reviews, club reviews, a concert or an interview with a jazz performer.